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174 Law Solicitors are a modern and progressive firm of solicitors

We stand for excellence, trust, probity and strength – with each of us bringing our very own knowledge and expertise to the table.

Collaborating is vital at 174 Law. That’s because together our strength is greater. We link and support each other to create a unique centre of excellence to offer our clients the best cost-effective solutions.

We prefer not to work for you, but in partnership with you, as we believe it delivers more satisfying and successful results. Our priority is to take the time to understand your needs, whether you’re using our personal or business services, so  we can offer truly optimised advice and represent you in the best way possible.

Our values, ethics and good humour guide us as people, which is reflected in our approach. We’re proud of what we do and we always aim to be caring, committed, objective and balanced.

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Our People
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We have a passion for creativity and demonstrate this in our solution focused approach. Our passion for art extends also to supporting both local artists and those further afield.

Our love of creativity

The Impact of Divorce on Mental Health & Our New Service

14 October 2017

World Mental Health Day As I’m sure you’re all aware, Tuesday this week was World Mental Health Day. Here at 174 Law we fully recognise the impact that the situations we deal with can have on our clients’ mental health. Our new service World Mental...

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The Changing Face of Divorce

4 October 2017

Divorce has had a makeover The Office for National Statistics reports that the number of divorces of opposite-sex couples decreased by 9.1% in 2015. However, despite these figures, the desire to celebrate the ending of the marriage seems to become increasingly popular as is the...

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Help to Buy ISA Schemes for First Time Buyers

25 September 2017

Have you heard of this government scheme? Our Conveyancing Department has undoubtedly seen an increasing number of first-time buyers this year, higher loan-to-value mortgages with lower lending rates and government initiatives have enabled first-time buyers an easier step onto the property ladder. First Time Buyers:...

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