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The success of any post separation parenting relationship more than ever relies on the individuals involved being mature enough to work together – not for themselves, or for their own agendas but simply for the love, well being and best interests of the most important people stuck in the middle of any relationship breakdown – The children.

174 Law have created a parenting plan produced by people who have been through the difficulties of marriage & relationship separation.

The light at the end of the stressful tunnel is a parenting plan.

It’s a simple, well laid out document that takes care of how both parents are going to manage the care of their children after divorce or separation.

Cafcass have produced a 44 page guide on just why a parenting plan is such a powerful tool to use in finding the right solutions for your children’s future.

The parenting plan will get you and your ex-partner on the right track to a successful and positive outcome for your children and ultimately yourselves.

It couldn’t be easier, both parties complete the template – either together or individually until one final version is finally agreed on by both parents.

When parents separate or when there is a change of circumstances after separation, emotions often run high. Whatever your feelings, it is really important to put your children’s needs first and avoid them being caught up in conflicts and arguments.

Our easy to use parenting plan will assist you and your ex-partner to ensure your children have a bright, happy and positive future with both parents firmly & strongly involved in their life and upbringing. Contact our team for more information and a copy of our plan to help you provide solutions together for a future apart.