Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372

Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


Richard JonesRichard Jones is the Managing Partner of Darwood Jones  an independent property investment sales company, focusing solely on the UK property market. 

Darwood Jones specialises in offering a strong, safe and secure sales portfolio for buyers to choose within. They offer a personal guarantee that every development offered to investors by Darwood Jones has passed successfully through a rigorous 35-point checklist at the due diligence stage, pre-listing.   

We asked Richard what his 35 point checklist due diligence criteria consisted of which gave him the confidence to promote such personal guarantee. He confirmed they only  Work  with tried, tested, respected and carefully selected property developers, who are proven as dependable from years of experience working with them, offering a low risk and financially rewarding range of options within a property investment portfolio. There is therefore personal knowledge to start off with. However putting this apart every scheme put their way the following questionnaire is put to the developer and have to be answered satisfactory before the company would promote such a scheme. If the scheme doesn’t pass then the opportunity will just not be promoted. As Richard says “my years of reputation are at risk here, getting it wrong for me and my investor clients is just not an option”:-

Development Name
Full Address
New Build, Refurbishment or Existing Build?
Student, Residential or Mixed Use?
Does the developer own the land?
Planning Approved?
Construction Start Date
Completion Date
Construction Company
Number of Units
Apartment Types (Studio/1/2/3/penthouses)
Average Unit Sizes
Starting Price
Net Yield
Rental Guarantee?
Interest on deposited funds?
Deposit Amount
Deposit Account Details
Payment Plan
How are funds held?
Lease length
Ground Rent
Service Charge
Recommended Buyers Solicitor
Estimated Legal Costs
Sellers Solicitor Details
Contracts Assignable?
Furniture Pack Prices
Commission Amount
When is the Commission due?
Management Company
Long Stop Date
Build Warranty?
Nearby Universities? (If a student build)
Additional Notable Points

Developer Due Diligence

Developer Name
Full Address
Contact Name
Contact Number
Company Number
Company Age
Company Check Screenshot
Previous Development Details
Any issues with previous developments?
Developments in the current pipeline?
Does the developer require a certain number of sales to start the build?
Additional Notable Points

Darwood Jones are happy to promote these schemes. For further info contact Richard on 01513648053 or 07712158827