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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


We have a dedicated mergers and acquisitions team with years of training and experience. Our specialists are here to help boost your business by providing high quality advice for merger and acquisitions in the UK and abroad.

Mergers tend to be mutual, whereas acquisitions are known as ‘hostile takeovers.’ Whatever situation you’re in, we can help you to ensure every aspect of the merger or acquisition is completed properly so everything can run smoothly.

What can 174 Law do for you?

More specifically, we’ve advised thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, private equity firms and multinational corporations on:

● Management by objectives (MBOs)
● Management buy-in (MBI)
● Acquisitions and disposals (business and assets & public and private companies)
● Joint ventures
● Cross border transactions

If your business is soon to go through a merger deal then you’ll need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look through certain issues such as pensions, tax, environmental factors and regulations, as well as any potential liabilities. We have a dedicated business law team focused on delivery rational and practical advice for businesses worldwide.

Maybe you’re going through an MBO or considering one, in which case you’ll benefit from our tailored business guidance for in-house management teams. We can advise you on which company assets would be the best to use as collateral so you can apply for debt financing.

Cross border transactions usually come with all sorts of other rules and regulations from whichever country you’re dealing with. At 174 Law we have extensive knowledge of international law and can give you all the information you need to make sure your cross border transaction is a huge success.

Why do mergers and acquisitions happen?

There are, of course, several advantages to executing a merger or acquisition (M&As) including cutting business costs, tax reductions, obtaining a bigger share of the market and economies of scale. M&As can be a very effective way to increase long-term profitability and improve shareholder value. Depending on which company is executing the merger / acquisition, it can also help to develop a company’s reputation and credibility.

Successful M&As usually come about due to ‘synergy.’ This is where a business’s’ productivity and performance improve and the costs fall. The idea is that a company merges with another company and the strengths and weaknesses complement each other.

Another reason M&As happen is to increase supply chain pricing power. If a company buys out a supplier or a distributor then it can save huge costs. This is called a vertical merger and is popular with big high street retailers and ecommerce stores.

At 174 Law we deal with all kinds of companies from multi million pound businesses to smaller strategic acquisitions, family-owned businesses and SMEs. We cover an impressive range of industries including technology, healthcare, charities and so much more. We want your deal to be as successful as possible, so our M&A service is tailored to save you time, pressure and money.

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