Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial

Pronunciation:/ Kuh – mur-sh uh l [adjective]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • Concerned with or engaged in commerce
  • Making or intended to make a profit:

174 Law definition: /

By any definition commercial lawyers must live in the real world and command a clear understanding of the key drivers for the clients business. 174 Law’s approach is to harness legal skills with commercial insight targeted on a cost effective service pragmatic and focused in achieving the clients business objectives.

174 Law provide a broad range of commercial and corporate legal services to institutional clients and individuals. We can assist in Company or Partnership formation together with effective strategic recommendations as to effective functioning of the business venture.

We are a law firm built for the modern age enjoying corporate status and with a highly successful property owning scheme (set up through a private pension property owning syndicate) providing the occupational framework for our office. We are well placed to pass on our experience and skills to clients seeking to similarly achieve cost effective and dynamic delivery of business services to the commercial community.

We are solution driven and commercial in our approach, with a commitment to high level partner involvement in every commercial and corporate activity. We are also well connected to similar experienced and well regarded lawyers in every area of commercial and corporate activity. In any area outside of our immediate expertise we are well placed to make a recommendation to lawyers similarly driven by the need to offer effective commercial solutions to business clients to meet the challenges of the modern marketplace.

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