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A lot of businesses use corporate litigation as an enforcement tool to settle disputes both in and out a court setting. For example, a business may need employees to sign competitor agreements, meaning they can’t work for competitors or even work in a similar industry for a set amount of time.

Corporate litigation makes an appearance if and when an employee breaches the contract. Although, this is just one of hundreds of examples – 174 Law can support you with all your corporate litigation needs.

What is corporate litigation?

Corporate litigation, or commercial litigation, is a section of UK business law which enables investors and shareholders to raise a dispute against the directors of a company. It involves legal counsel and representation for a series of disputes ranging from commercial contracts to intellectual property claims.

What services do we offer?

Corporate litigation covers an extensive range of disputes. At 174 Law we offer a fully tailored service for your exact needs. We provide, help, guidance and representation for:

● Arbitration
● Merger and acquisition warranties
● Financial services
● Competition
● Debt recovery
● Civil fraud and asset recovery
● Breach of contract (inc. director’s duties)
● Shareholder / partnership disputes
● Insurance
● Intellectual property
● Product liability
● Defamation
● Privacy law
● Trusts and pensions
● Professional negligence

This is just a selection of the disputes we provide assistance for – please contact us to discuss our bespoke corporate litigation service.

We find that different people are hoping to protect their various interests – that’s why we believe in a fair, rational and assertive approach to corporate litigation. Our team always create solutions that tick off our client’s objectives and we find most of our clients don’t have to go to court, instead settling the dispute early through mediation.

We will book you in for an initial consultation to analyse your situation so we can fully understand your case. Our specialists will then discuss all available options with you and create a strategy with all the appropriate departments in your business. At 174 Law we believe in knowledge, research, methodicalness and collaboration – the four cornerstones of our successful corporate litigation service.

Why choose 174 Law?

We’re one of the most well established corporate litigation and alternative dispute resolution lawyers in the UK. Our team have years of combined experience in dealing with cases in and out of court. Sometimes court is unavoidable for various reasons, that’s why it’s even more crucial to call on the quality of advice available from 174 Law.

When it comes to costs, we make sure our prices are clear, concise and fair. If possible, we will discuss legal funding options with you so you can get the very best outcome for your case.

Overall, our corporate litigation solutions are successful thanks to our early advice, acceptable terms and impeccable knowledge of business law. Our approach is pragmatic and well-researched, so you get a strategic solution tailored to your exact needs. Whether you’re a larger multi million pound multinational or a small family-run business, our corporate litigation service will be perfect for you. Save your business from draining resources such as time, energy and money and delegate your litigation needs to us.

Concerned about corporate litigation? Call 0151 647 7372 to speak to our team now and discuss your dispute today or email
Concerned about corporate litigation?

Call 0151 647 7372 to speak to our team now and discuss your dispute today.

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