Debt Recovery

Pronunciation:/ ‘Det’ [noun]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • Something owed, such as money, goods, or services
  • An offense requiring forgiveness or reparation; a trespass

174 Law definition: /

On your own debt recovery can be a waste of critical time, money and resource diverting your business from its commercial objectives. Time to put 174 Law on your side. The first step in identifying a sound commercial strategy is to contact 174 Law for a cost effective analysis of the prospects of recovery.

Ensuring your business gets paid for it goods and services is crucial to any business. Allowing invoices to go unpaid or providing unnecessarily long lines of credit can be harmful to cash flow and damaging to the business.

There are various ways to recover money owed from your business debtors. We can explain your choices.

It does not necessarily always mean court action. Recovery can, if done properly, be efficient and not too expensive. We will explain the costs implications both at the outset and at each stage.

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