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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


We have a fantastic track record of transforming disputes into solutions – especially when it comes to our commercial dispute resolution service.

At 174 Law we believe that coming to a suitable agreement isn’t just about the legal aspects, it’s also about your business’s aims and your personal values.

What is dispute resolution?

Commercial dispute resolution is where two parties have a disagreement about a certain aspect of a business or venture but they attempt to find a solution. This can include anything from contract disputes to property disputes. We use firm negotiation and fair mediation for our clients, so we can secure your business’s future.

Disputes can be categorised into a few categories. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Consumer disputes

Whether you’re a customer or a business owner, sometimes there may be disagreements about goods and services. Our dispute resolution service can shave off so much time compared to attending court.

Employment disputes

Employees and employers alike have used our employment dispute resolution service to come to an amicable agreement with regards to issues such as dismissal, salary, disciplinary procedures, contracts and so on. We are also able to offer workplace Mediation.

International disputes

International disputes can be even more time consuming than UK disputes. That means it’s essential to seek professional advice from a highly experienced solicitor.

Defamation and slander

Protect your business’s reputation against slander and defamation. Going through the traditional court process can be stressful and costly, but with the right advice you could come to an agreement within months.

Property disputes

Landlords and tenants have both used our service to great success. We provide guidance on tenancy agreements, paying back deposits, debt collection on rent arrears and more.

Professional negligence

If you’ve received low quality advice from a professional advisor the you could greatly benefit from the 174 Law dispute resolution service.

Most people think court is the first option when, in fact, it’s the last resort. Our duty is to assist you in negotiating for a solution that works. In the event that you do need to attend court, our compassionate and highly skilled team will fight your case every step of the way.

We know every case is different to the other, but there are a few ways you can improve your chances of settling a dispute. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Keep a record of everything: Written records are extremely valuable in dispute resolution meetings. For example, in a contract the solicitor will look at the pre-contract negotiations to build a picture of each party’s intent in the final contract. Physical records of communications and paperwork usually help create a more accurate version of events.
  • Don’t go to court straight away: The majority of commercial disputes are resolved before they enter the court. We have a number of cost-effective alternatives to court including mediation, arbitration and, of course, dispute resolution.
  • Don’t ignore the dispute: It may seem obvious, but ignoring your dispute could translate as ‘I’m in the wrong’ to the courts

We’re experienced with resolving a whole host of business disputes including;

  • Breakdown of business relations
  • Breach of contract
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Debt recovery
  • Professional negligence
  • Insurance
  • Franchises
  • Partnerships
This is just a selection of our services – if you have any questions about our business dispute resolution service just call 0151 647 7372 to speak to our advisors today.