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We have a fantastic track record of transforming disputes into solutions – especially when it comes to our civil and commercial dispute resolution service.

At 174 Law we believe that coming to a suitable agreement isn’t just about the legal aspects, it’s also about your business’s aims and your personal values.

What is Civil / Commercial Mediation?

Civil / Commercial Mediation is where two parties who have a disagreement about a certain aspect of a business or venture or object but they attempt to work together to find a solution as opposed to seeking adjudication and judgement through a court. This can include anything from contract disputes to property disputes. We use firm negotiation and fair mediation for our clients, to secure a more cost effective and time effective outcome.


Most people think court is the first option when, in fact, it’s the last resort. Our duty is to assist you in negotiating for a solution that works for your both whilst saving significant cost and time.

We know every case is different to the other, but working together and having your issues heard and be listened to often helps toward managing a dispute.

Being prepared always helps and be open to listening to what the other party has to say. You both may well be saying the same thing but in different ways. Mediation helps to acknowledge and normalise often difficult situations.

Don’t ignore the dispute: It may seem obvious, but ignoring your dispute could translate as ‘I’m in the wrong’

Exciting keys to your new home …….Be careful ,were have you planned to build the new shed? Or your summer gazebo? What would it cost for you to have to pull down and rebuild in the event of a boundary error ?

Mediation can help cover this area of home purchase and sale to ensure that this does not happen to you.

If you already live in the property and have a dispute with your neighbour perhaps over trees or fencing we can help you resolve this.

At 174 Law through mediation we recently assisted two families who lived next door to each other for 20 years, they watched their children grow, enjoyed many gatherings over the years and became close friends until one of the families bought a dog due to the children leaving home, the dog barked all day disturbing the neighbours the constant noise lead to arguments between them, through mediation we were able to facilitate both neighbours to come together and discuss solutions that in the end were so simple to work out. If the conflict had have been left to escalate it would have gone to court and they would probably have never spoken again ,one of the neighbours may have even sold up, how sad that would have been? Fortunately mediation resolved this with a positive outcome for both neighbours allowing them to continue to be neighbours and friends.

Unless you are fortunate enough retire at 21 years old working environments are for most of your life, let 174 law help you make that a better place to be.

As an employee

You remember getting that new job and feeling so excited, proud of yourself looking for further growth and achievement, but what happened ………..?

These days you dread going to work ,possibly making yourself late on purpose to delay this or visiting the doctor due to stress and getting signed off, then worrying about the day ahead when you do get into work. How did you get here you ask yourself? Why are these people at work not understanding my situation ?,why would you want to resign and change jobs after all your hardwork ? workplace mediation can help you resolve these difficulties amicably in a safe comfortable environment.

As an employer

The cost of recruiting and training new staff can be costly HR investigations into your staff issues often breed further conflict as the staff involved cannot communicate effectively without barriers.

Mediation can help you save precious time and money ,strong retention of staff building success as the employer.

The loss of a loved one is a long emotional journey ,dealing with your grief and why it all happened is hard enough without the need to argue regarding your relatives estate that they left behind. It is very difficult to think of other living relatives needs and how they are effected by the loss, further complicating what they want if you don’t agree.

Mediation is a setting that can help you all in a calm professional manner to assist with difficult conversations with raw emotion attached to it.

A family case we assisted with had been in conflict over a mothers property for 5 years as to whether it should be sold or retained within the family ,there were very different needs for each surviving sibling that lost their mother, through lots of conversation and ideas a solution was reached to suit all parties, allowing them to grieve properly for the loss of their mother and move forward as families for the future with their respective children.

Are you in a partnership ? or a Director ? Ltd company? Franchisee ? Business can have many peaks and troughs being self employed especially, do you have discrepancies over shares of the business ? or changes that need to be made ? you all as owners/ managers do not agree ? mediation can help assist you with this.

What if you needed to sell part of a chain of shops/outlets due to personal reasons and other partners did not agree ?

The costly effects of going to court if business disputes cannot be settled amicably can have far reaching consequences financially ,with cost and time to rebuild what you have already done based on your hard work.

Does someone owe you money ? Is there an unpaid invoice for services or goods outstanding ? What happens when you lend money to a friend or a relative they promise to pay you back and don’t ?

What if your a contractor who has completed days of work for a business and they have not settled your bill ?

What if you have tenants who have not paid the rent for the last 3 months ?

What if you agreed a price for work to be done to a property and the person who carries out the work fails to inform you that further problems occurred increasing your final bill ?

Financial disagreements can cause a lot of stress to families who are involved, it can lead to high conflict ,at 174 law we can help facilitate difficult conversations between you enabling you to discuss solutions that you are happy to move forward with avoiding the court process.

Your health is the most important factor to your everyday life without this everything in your personal world is effected. What happens when you cannot return to work ? How will you cope financially, what if your a parent and have children to support ?

Mediation is a positive way to consider the needs of all parties effected by the illness or injury without the need to go to court and only consider what the law dictates is right. Your everyday life is far more important and your needs for the future .

Have you had cosmetic surgery go wrong ?

Have you had birth injury ?

Were you involved in a road traffic accident ?

Have you got an elderly relative that was treated badly whilst in care ?

Let mediation help you resolve the dispute our mediator will facilitate difficult conversations to help all parties aim for solutions.

This is just a selection of our services – if you have any questions about our civil / commercial service just call 0151 647 7372 to speak to our advisors today.