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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


With new opportunities comes new challenges – especially when it comes to land acquisition and plot sales (disposals). But one of the key ingredients to success is to have the right team in place when it comes to the legal side of things.

Here at 174 Law we’re here to help your business to progress whatever your opportunity is. We provide guidance for every kind of land and property project including warehouses, Apartments, brownfield land, garden sites, schools, petrol stations, farmland, offices, retail spaces and more.

So whether you’re a buyer or a seller, our land acquisition and plot sales services means you’re certain to find the right specialist advice for your business needs.

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Our services

When it comes to land acquisition and plot sales we’re able to offer a number of services. This includes:

  • Acquiring sites
  • Assessing development suitability
  • Site disposal
  • Best sale method for your land / site
  • Planning support
  • Collateral warranties
  • Communicating with local planning authorities
  • Help with applying for planning permission

Our team has worked with hundreds of sellers and developers including both leasehold and freehold projects We make it our duty to fully comprehend your business objectives so you can maximise your acquisition or disposal development opportunity to its full potential. Our specialist team are fully understand the mechanics of volume sales and managing the same and we have acquired bespoke software to streamline and manage the process in order to ensure the most up to date and tailored reporting to clients at every stage on demand.

Even if you’re a buyer with the intention of using the property for exactly the same purpose as the seller did, or buying off plan we can provide top quality advice to ensure you get the very best and most secure deal.

What is a collateral warranty?

Collateral warranties are a supporting document by a main contractor or any other professional consultant involved in the construction of your project. The collateral warranty can affect consultants and contractors with regards to using the right materials and conducting yourself in a professional manner in the workplace. It’s always wise to get some advice on drafting up a collateral warranty, so you all the construction work goes according to your preferences. If you’re the owner of the land or commercial development then it’s vital to ensure you have collateral warranties for all people who were involved in advising you in the construction of your project.

Why choose 174 Law?

We have over 150 years total experience between our specialists in everything from commercial land law to personal services such as family mediation. Our team has developed one of the best reputations when it comes to redevelopment opportunities and valuable commercial land on both a national and international basis.

Our commitment is what makes each of our client relationships special – which can greatly help if you’re going through a sensitive redevelopment project. All information is kept strictly confidential and any advice we give to you is yours to use at your discretion.

At 174 Law we add even more value to your acquisition or disposal opportunity through succinct, well-informed legal advice so as to ensure you get the most our of your plans.

Contact our specialists today on 0151 647 7372  or email for more information on how we can help with land acquisition and plot sales.
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Contact our specialists today on 0151 647 7372 for more information on how we can help with land acquisition and plot sales.

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