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Licensing is essential for adhering to certain rules and regulations, as well as ensuring your business has a strong reputation. The typical licensing objectives include preventing public nuisance, crime and disorder, in addition to upholding public safety. Our specialist licensing solicitors will personalise your needs with the various licensing objectives.

Moreover, we have experience in giving advice for renewing licenses and issues with licenses as well as applying for one. So whether you’re just starting to branch out as a business or if you need to update your licensing – we’re here to provide the right advice and guidance.

Our licensing services

Licensing encompasses a range of different sectors in business. Our highly skilled solicitors can offer guidance and assistance on the following:

● Alcohol
● Club premises
● Enforcement
● Entertainment (including SEVs)
● Gambling
● License transfers
● Planning
● Premises licenses

Alcohol licensing

One of the most common licenses we offer advice for is alcohol. If you want to sell or supply alcohol as part of your business, you’ll need to obtain the right license. This includes premises such as supermarkets, corner shops, takeaways, bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and nightclubs. But which license do you need?

A business that sells / supplies alcohol on a regular and permanent basis should apply for a premises license. Whereas’ if you’re a person that plans to sell alcohol, you’ll need a personal license. If you’re running a sports club, working men’s club or any other qualifying member’s clubs and you want to sell alcohol then you’ll need a club premises certificate.

Gambling licensing

Another popular request from our clients is advice on gambling licensing. Normally, applying for such a license could be complicated, but with the right solicitor it’s so much easier. Depending on what sort of establishment you intend on running, you may need up to three licenses. This includes an operating license from the Gambling Commission, a personal management license and a premises license. No matter whether your business is land-based or online, you’ll still need the appropriate licenses.

SIA Licensing

The Security and Industry Authority (SIA) regulates the private security industry and requires all door staff and their managers to be licensed. So if you’re running a nightclub then you will need a non-front line SIA license, whereas your door staff will each need a front line SIA license which they will need to carry at all times while on duty.

Why choose 174 Law?

We have an unrivaled reputation for our efficient licensing advice service, working in conjunction with the appropriate Licensing Departments for your needs. This way, you will only obtain the licenses that are absolutely necessary – potentially saving you money on fees and applications.

Our licensing law team are highly trained in all aspects of licensing including a complete understanding of all sectors and the processes involved. We can help with the licensing for all manner of places including pubs, clubs, restaurants, off-licences, theatres and sports venues.

If you require a specialist license then we can also provide guidance on more detailed issues such as:

● Zoo licenses
● Door staff SIA applications
● Operating schedules
● Temporary events
● Pop-up bars, restaurants and shops

At 174 Law we deal with clients big and small – from the large multinational brands to smaller family-run businesses. Each client is equally important and we make sure we extend our prestigious, cost-effective service to everyone.

If you have any questions about licensing laws please contact our specialists today on 0151 647 7372 or email
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If you have any questions about licensing laws please contact our specialists today on 0151 647 7372.

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