Pronunciation:/ lit-i–gey-sh uh n [noun]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • The act or process of bringing or contesting a legal action in court
  • To engage in legal proceedings

174 Law definition: /

174 Law are particularly well placed to offer services for alternative dispute resolution. However in some cases engagement in court proceedings and litigation is unavoidable. It is crucial in those cases to call on the quality of advice and experience available from 174 Law.

Beware litigation driven primarily by the fees concern of the litigator. Take the benefit of a firm well able to offer the full range of dispute resolutions but with the strength and skill to litigate effectively if this represents the clients best means of redress.

Our litigation department has many years experience in dealing with
business, commercial and contractual disputes.

We cover

  • Property disputes
  • Partnership and Shareholder disputes
  • Commercial and contractual Disputes
  • Employment Advice for the Employer

Disputes can be resolved without resorting to the Courts. Speedy resolution is often necessary not least because disputes can affect key personnel as well as the business clients, customers and suppliers. We can help and explain your options.

Unfortunately litigation is sometimes necessary and unavoidable. Often there are several potential solutions to the same problem. We have the skills and experience to identify these and provide the appropriate advice and guidance to achieve the best possible outcome.

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