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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


Contact with Children : where do children live : Residence : Custody & Access are all words used by those parents who are asking the court to make a decision in respect of their children where they are unable to reach a decision between themselves.

Since Legal Aid for family matters became restricted in April 2013 more parents are choosing to represent themselves in court. The Ministry of Justice recognise that this is the case and have published a number of websites and other forms of literature to support and educate parents through the process.

The self help websites all encourage parents to resolve their disputes direct and will encourage referrals to mediation. The MOJ has collaborated with the Family Mediation Council to link their sites so as to streamline such referrals.

In the event of parents feeling they have no choice other than to issue proceedings to seek a decision of the court then the MOJ have created a number of Utube videos explaining and showing what can happen at each hearing they attend. Below is a link to what to expect at a final hearing. Very Helpful to enable parties to have a realistic expectation of what to come. This cant however be seen as a substitute for legal advice and any parent looking to pursue this course of action is encouraged to seek some legal advice upon the merits of their case.