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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


Are you in the process of or contemplating Divorce? Are you worried what this will mean to you and your family? Do you know what to say to your children? Do you know how this can impact upon your legal rights?

Going through a divorce is NOT easy – it’s stressful, challenging, overwhelming & frightening.

Divorce is a process – NOT an event. You will probably experience many different very strong emotions ranging from denial, anger, resentment, fear, sadness, relief, to eventual acceptance. This is all balanced against a legal background of a life changing event.


So it is with this in mind that we have collaborated with Sue Atkins a Parenting Expert, Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster and Parenting Coach & Mum as well as the author of the Amazon best selling books “Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children” & ‘Raising Happy Children for Dummies’ as well as the author of the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy MP3s and CDs and Workbooks and The Secrets To Well Behaved Kids App . She also regularly appears on the flagship award winning “This Morning” Show on ITV  with Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield, BBC Breakfast television and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2.

We have now worked with Sue for some time to find a way to combine the empotional and practical impact of Divorce and separation with the law to create  Sue’s ‘Divorce Step by Step’ 3 hour workshop  and Divorce Clinic. This  covers some of the important topics that you’ll need to consider as you go through the process completely at your own  pace.

The ‘Divorce – Step by Step Workshop is designed to help you feel supported, free from finger pointing or judgement, and aims to give you clarity, direction and confidence. It will empower you to manage the impact of your divorce or separation on your whole family more positively and with confidence.

This is an opportunity to explore with other people in similar circumstances:

  1. How to tell your children, so they are not unduly damaged by the experience.
  2. How to choose a lawyer & the questions you need to ask them.
  3. How to begin to manage & sort out your finances going forward.
  4. Looking at how to co-parent well so your children thrive.
  5. How to nurture your own self-esteem, well-being and confidence.

Sue will be there to support, champion and encourage you through this time of many changes as she has been through this experience herself, so she knows first-hand how you’re feeling. She will empower you by asking you good questions to help you to find your own answers for your family, as every parent she will work with is unique and different because one size doesn’t fit all.

During and after the workshop a member of our expert family team will also be present to answer any questions you may have about the legal process and help guide you in the right direction.

The 3 hour workshop is not therapy, mentoring or counselling – it’s about moving forward positively with clarity and confidence and creating new solutions for your present circumstances while also creating a compelling and exciting future for everyone to look forward to…. over time.

‘Divorce Step by Step’ is designed to meet your individual family needs and to help you establish your specific goals for separating confidently and positively. This will also help to empower you with proven practical action plans quickly & easily, taking away your sense of overwhelm.

We are looking to launch the Divorce workshop this spring on the Wirral with a view to expanding to Liverpool and Chester. The cost will  be in the region of £60 Plus Vat. If you would like to placed on our mailing list to be sent an invite with more details please press here and email your name contact number  and address.