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What is Family Mediation

Mediation is a common sense approach to resolving your family disputes yourselves as opposed to the traditional route of separate legal representation. This can thereafter often negate the need to go to court.

Mediation gives you the forum to communicate in an objective and focused way utilising the skills of the mediator to control the process and ensure you make progress.

We all have the ability to make our own decisions and to collaborate to an end goal. Unfortunately however when a relationship turns sour this moulds how you interact in the future and invariably places emotional hurdles in the way of progress. Mediation helps to put this aside.

At 174 Law our Mediators are all Family Lawyer Mediators. This means you have the benefit of up to date and practical legal information. Whilst we are unable to advise you we can certainly tell you what the law says about your concerns and the courts approach to this. This helps guide you to an informed outcome within an accelerated time scale and significantly reduce costs compared to the traditional legal process.

Mediation is extremely flexible and creative in its approach. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individuals concerns with an agenda to confront and overcome the same. Invariably this falls within three categories:-

I)                    Child Mediation.

II)                  Finance and Property Mediation.

III)                All Issues Mediation.


Child Mediation

Child Only mediation helps families to concentrate on continuing to meet the needs of their children both during the separation process and after. Mediation is extremely child focused and helps parents to establish solid parenting foundations for parenting their children separately in the future.

It helps parents to communicate and agree a parenting plan as to an acceptable way to manage their own behaviours and needs as well as those of their children. The objective being this plan will help put a strategy in place to manage disputes as they arise in the future given it is almost certain further issues will arise as children grow and develop.

174 Law can also offer child Inclusive mediation. This is when children where appropriate can also be seen by the mediator and be part of the process.

Finance and Property Mediation.

Mediation helps to resolve any financial issue that may arise within a relationship dispute whether this be on Divorce, Dissolution of a Civil Partnership or cohabitation. However this is not an exhaustive list. Mediation can be used to help guide couples with Pre Nuptial Agreements or Estate issues arising out of a Probate. As aforesaid the mediation process can adapt to meet the needs of any family matter.

The mediation process will help take you through the steps you would ordinarily pursue through the legal process by way of financial disclosure. Once your financial profile is agreed we will then explore all available options to ensure any outcome is financially and practically viable. Again legal information will be given to help you make an informed decision which can then be put into a legally binding format post the mediation process. 

Invariably matters can be concluded within three sessions and provided all information is to hand can be undertaken within a 6 – 8 week process.   

All Issues Mediation

AIM Mediation can help you reach joint decisions on all issues arising out of your dispute. If necessary we have a team of support services who can provide further tools to the process to ensure you are equipped to make objective and informed long term decisions. This can include children and finances as above as well as any other issue.


The Mediator will undertake a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting with you both separately to ensure Mediation is appropriate before proceeding with a joint meet. Any concerns you may have about the process can be raised at this meet. There will be a fee for this meet unless you are eligible for Legal Aid.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is still available for mediation subject to your financial eligibility. Double click on the link below to see if you are eligible. If you are then this process will be free and will also entitle you to free legal advice to support you through this process.

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