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Kicking Off the Year with Cocktails and International Trade: the Mayoral 100 Club

We are very proud and pleased to be partnering with Liverpool City Council. The aim is to forge local, national and global connections for Liverpool and its enterprises via the Mayoral 100 Club. The Club is an exclusive business network limited to a maximum of 100 businesses within Merseyside. Its designed to opens doors for businesses like our own to key decision-makers in the city and in government, with the backing of the Mayor of Liverpool.

This year, we will have the opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime events taking place in our fair city and invite others to be part of this journey with us. The events include the use of the Liverpool 2018 Clipper Yacht, invites to the Bordeaux Wine Festival (coming to the UK for the first time ever!) and the Terracotta Warriors coming over from China. These are but a few events scheduled for this year! They are part of the huge celebrations planned by the Council in order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Liverpool’s award for the Capital of Culture. It’s all very exciting times – we look forward to sharing this with our fellow local businesses.

Image source: Mayoral 100 Club

The impact of the club

The club and proposed events have a huge impact both on the city and on the businesses involved.  The Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta,  returning to Liverpool in May, has an economic impact value of £29m. This is all invested back into the city. If this is just from one event, can you imagine the financial benefit for the year?

Obviously, we are extremely supportive of our city. We have, for many years, promoted this on an international basis, primarily in Asia and the middle east. Of course, this is acting for those who are investing in many of the exciting development opportunities we have. However, this network opens doors to key decision-makers in the city and in government. The backing of the Mayor of Liverpool will help us in being introduced to new audiences and potential collaborations.

Looking to the future

We are looking forward to the year ahead. Particularly, we are looking forward to this thrilling journey celebrating the city’s position at the epicentre of UK art, culture, fashion, business and sport. It’s exciting to be attracting extensive worldwide global media exposure. With an estimated economic impact of £100 million, a PR value of £10 million and an estimated 4 million visitors drawn to the city during 2018, investing in this city’s renaissance is a global business opportunity.

Events will commence this coming 31st January with cocktail making and networking. We will follow this up with photos and updates on all events! For more information on the Mayoral 100 Club, head over to their website here.