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Help for young people when families split

I am delighted to announce that the new website for children Kids in the Middle is now launched at, with peer mentoring and counselling services provided in partnership with

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1 in 3 kids are caught between separating parents….

…but three helplines have recently closed. The Government has no money and Public Funding for legal advice on family separation is almost non existent with therefore diminishing support for separating families and more important children living with separated parents.

Kids in the Middle is a registered charity (1153731) backed by young people and by family law and mediation firms. Kids in the Middle exists to provide direct on-line help to children and young people whose parents are separating, provided in partnership with

KITM work in partnership with two websites for mums and dads: Only Mums and Only Dads. Fingers crossed a site for grandparents will soon be joining our group, so that together we can support all people in a separating family.

Who are we?

A working group of family lawyers and mediators who have raised £1000 more (or are just about to!) helps to work out the strategy going forward. This group currently is:

Helen Pittard of 174 Family Law in Birkenhead Alison Kitchman of Taylor Bracewell in Doncaster Alun Jones of Alun Jones Family Law in Cardiff Angela Singleton of 828 Family Law in Preston John Hind of Compass Resolution in Exeter Juliette Dalrymple of Family Matters Mediation on Doncaster

A number of groups of young people have helped Kids in the Middle, in particular those listed on the champions page of the website. During the 2014-2015 school year, some more groups of young people will be supporting Kids in the Middle. At the moment there are two: at Hall Cross Academy and the Poole KITM Contingency group in Bournemouth. We are of course looking for more volunteers to help us raise money for this fantastic cause. We may well now have launched the website but this is just the start of our journey and more funding will be required to support this.

Duncan Fisher coordinates the building of the website and the raising of funding. Duncan manages a variety of projects like Kids in the Middle and works mostly from his home.

The Trustees, who make sure everything is done according to charity law and charity best practice, are Peter Gavan, Ivar Grey and Andy Taurins. They meet in South Wales on a regular basis.

You can read about the story of Kids in the Middle, to give you an idea of the difficult challenge we faced to get the website into existence.

Why is there a need for Kids in the Middle?

imageThe proportion of 16 years olds who have experienced the separation of their parents is heading for nearly one in two. That’s over 250,000 children experiencing their parents’ separation each year. Three on-line services to help these young people have closed down in recent years. Children in the middle routinely get overlooked.

Who supports Kids in the Middle?

Young people and family lawyers and mediators have been running campaigns all over the UK. Before the launch, they raised £41,000, which allowed the charity to be set up and the website to be built. This fundraising will continue (it’s good fun and sometimes a bit messy!) and now that the website is actually visible, we can apply for grants too.

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Family lawyers, barristers, mediators and other professionals are joining Kids in the Middle as members and this is funding the core running costs of the website. If you are a professional and are interested in this click he

What makes us different?

Kids in the Middle is the only place on-line where young people in separating families can hear the stories of their peers. It is for young people, by young people. By inviting young people to tell their stories and make videos, we want to give these children a voice they currently do not have.

Whom will Kids in the Middle support?

In the first stage, Kids in the Middle provides support to 11-18 year olds. We will raise more funding to provide support to younger children and also to bring the voice of young people to separating parents. Our aim is that eventually one person in the life of every child experiencing separation knows about Kids in the Middle and tells them about it.


If you are moved to make a donation, please contact us. Whenever someone gets in contact to make a donation, it makes our day, so please don’t hold back! Otherwise please visit our justgiving page

If you are interested in doing a fundraising campaign for Kids in the Middle, then contact us too! We might be able to link you up with other campaigns going on around the country. We may even be able to support a child through for example Duke of Edinburgh whilst promoting the efforts through local press and professional publications. Great for CV’s.

All our fundraising campaigns are connected to particular projects – you might want to choose a particular project to support if you donate or raise money.

Our message to family lawyers and mediators:

* Join as a member of KITM – visit * Use in your work with families – see service spec at * Support – donate or raise funds (and help build the new things you raise money for) * Tell everyone about it! A growing number of fundraising campaigns are getting underway to further the work: – making the site really well known – building new sections, e.g. for younger children, parents, children in the family courts –  more content communicating young people’s voices


Forward this page to all of your contacts list and help us spread the word of Kids in the middle. If you would like to be more proactively involved call me 01516477372 or contact us direct via he website.

We’re very proud of our achievement to date. Now we wish to share it and help change the lives of those children who need us for the better.