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Diversity Data : Check out our Published results



Solicitors’ firms are now required to carry out an annual diversity survey for their firm, submit the responses to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and publish the data.  Completion by personnel of the survey is not compulsory, and the data regarding religion and sexual orientation is excluded from the publication requirement.  Also, publication of the data has to be in a form such that individuals cannot be identified.

We carried out our diversity in November  2013  95.23 % of the personnel completed the survey; of whom none  selected the “prefer not to say” option.

The diversity survey data results are set out below.

Category of personnel
Partner/manager 30%
Non-partner fee earner 15%
Other non-fee earner 55%
Prefer not to say 0%


Male 15%
Female 85%
Prefer not to say 0%


Under 25 10%
25 to 34 10%
35 to 44 25%
45 to 54 15%
55 to 64 40%
65 and over 0%
Prefer not to say 0%


Having a disability 0%
Not having a disability 100%
Prefer not to say 0%


UK – white 100%
Non-UK white or mixed race 0%
Other 0%
Prefer not to say 0%