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We’ve launched our new website!

Following on from our company ethos the new 174 Law website is the latest piece of the puzzle to go through a complete makeover. We’ve focused our energy on carefully selecting a local creative web design team to help us with the process and they’ve brought our ideas to life, producing very informative yet attractive pages.

We’ve worked closely with the design team to develop a very unique experience that will show our visitors that we’re a modern and forward thinking law firm. Some new features include a Journey Timeline where you can view the history of 174 Law to date, alongside our own Art Gallery where we can showcase local talent from artists we’ve commissioned to create pieces for our premises.

Whilst we’ve gone to every effort to create a site that’s not only fun and interactive but rich in information, we are aware that there is always room for further development and ideas going forward. We’d love to hear your feedback on our new site!