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Need Assistance? Call 0151 647 7372


On line Family Mediation: helping you to resolve your family disputes arising out of your Divorce or Separation to include your children Arrangements or financial affairs without having to leave your own home or work.

It has been well documented that there have been substantive changes to Family Law commencing 22nd April 2014. These include an obligation to attend a meeting with a family Mediator to discuss the appropriateness of out of court dispute resolution before commencing any family court process. This is all well and good if you have the luxury of an accredited Family Mediator on your doorstep but what if you live outside of the United Kingdom or you live out in the sticks without the being any local services but don’t wish to be excluded from this facility.

Until recently you would have no option but to physically attend a mediation practice. However 174law have now introduced Online Mediation to ensure they are able to offer all services to all clients.

So what is online Mediation. On line Mediation is a facility to enable you to visually engage with your Family Mediator and former partner at the same time in a three way mediation meeting as if you were physically attending the office. This can be done via numerous devices which you already own such as your PC, Smartphone or tablet. Provided you have Internet access whether this be wirelessly or by Ethernet you will be able to download free of charge the appropriate App such as Skype to enable you to engage in this process. We would do an initial assessment with you to ensure this option is available to you.

This means you can still engage in this process without leaving your own home. This negates all worries to cater for childcare for example or disability access. Is also means if you are working aboard but looking at English Jurisdiction then you are still able to engage in Mediation. Also if your work prohibits you from attending a local mediation facility then this caters for your needs.

If you would like more information about our online Family Mediation Service contact Helen Pittard for more details.