Child Protection Law

Pronunciation:/ Chil-druhn [noun]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • The plural form of Child
  • Young human beings below the legal age of majority

174 Law definition: /

The most important people in our lives.
Our future.

How does the 174 Children and care proceedings service benefit you:

The will to win must at all times be applied with the clients objectives in mind and never lose sight of the need for cost effective resolution of disputes.

174 Law can benefit you by providing you with a professional lifetime of experience in proceedings regarding children. Nobody wants to involve children in the Court system. However, there are times when it cannot be avoided.

174 Law can help with all types of children cases.

These may be Private Law cases. These are the cases between family members. This is usually a child’s mother and father but it can involve members of the extended family such as grandparents. The cases may involve issues over residence, contact, parental responsibility or even child abduction.

Or these may be Public Law cases. These are cases which have the involvement of a public body which is usually the local Social Services department. They may become involved for a variety of reasons but usually because a child is at risk of harm. These cases are often known as care proceedings but may involve applications for a care order or a supervision order. We can help any family member in such cases.

Or the case may involve decisions over the long term future of a child. We can advise about the different orders available such as Adoption and Special Guardianship orders.

Or the case may involve other decisions about children including financial matters or education.

Whatever the problem is: We can help

Every one of our professionals undertaking this sensitive area of work has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding that, at the end of the day, everyone wants what is best for the child.

Children are the future. Serve them well.

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