Collaborative Law

Pronunciation:/ ke-laberatif [adjective]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • Produced by or involving two or more parties working together

174 Law definition: /

A family law process whereby both you and your partner each have your own lawyer and then work together face to face with the lawyers as a team to address and resolve the issues. The aim of collaborative law is to resolve family disputes without going to court.

Whereby both you and your partner each have your own lawyers for individual help and advice. However you work together as a team to address The issues and conflict between you in order to achieve a resolution that is right for both of you.

It is non adversarial, and client focused. Your lawyers will not spend weeks exchanging letters but instead will arrange a series of four-way meetings whereby both you and your spouse meet with both lawyers who will help you to achieve the outcome you want.

The focus is to look at what you want to achieve and to look at all the issues and areas of conflict. You can be supported and helped to come to a lasting resolution without destroying your parenting relationship in the process.

The Traditional Process:

This is a process where we can help and advise you on how to achieve an outcome where communication with your spouse or partner has broken down. Both you and your spouse appoint solicitors independently of each other and each solicitor will represent your interests. If necessary court proceedings can be taken but this will only happen if other options have been exhausted. This process may be preferable to you particularly if you feel you need a lot of guidance about what outcome may be best for you. It will also suit you if you are in a situation whereby any communication with your spouse is difficult or where there is lack of co operation This process is often most effective in emergency situations where an urgent remedy is sought.

Direct Agreements:

There is no reason why both you and your spouse or former partner cannot come to an agreement between you about how your assets will be divided between you and any relevant financial support , according what it is you want for your future. You can arrange a session with one of our solicitors to go through the agreement you have reached with you and help and advise you on any part of it. Solicitors need not take over for you but can assist, advise and help you achieve the outcome that you want. The solicitor need not become too involved. This helps to keeps your fees to a minimum and allows you to be control of what you want for your future.


A mediator can see both you and your spouse together. Our mediators are trained solicitors with over thirty years combined experience. A mediator is neutral and impartial. They are there to help both of you resolve the conflict that you cannot resolve yourselves. They can help you to look at all issues, including divorce, finances and children. A mediator will help you deal with and resolve these issues sensitively giving strong consideration for an ongoing need to communicate well for the benefit of co-parenting children and for the need for closure. Mediation involves a series of mediation sessions and a resolution of issues can be achieved in approximately 3 sessions. This is a very cost effective way of resolving conflict and focuses on the need for resolving all areas of conflict, respect for each other and open and honest communication.

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