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Conveyancing services from 174 Law

The best house construction requires a collaboration of good design, the best materials and skilled contractors, the same recipe we apply to the running of our conveyancing service. So take the stress out of organising your property deal by employing 174 Law’s conveyancing team.

You’ve made an offer on your dream home, it’s been accepted and now you have to deal with all the paperwork that comes with your property. Or maybe you’re the one who’s just sold your home and you need to take the hassle out of the legal matters. Luckily, we provide an immaculate conveyancing service, ensuring the smooth transition of legal ownership of your home from the seller to you and vice versa.

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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing encompasses a lot of the paperwork and legal processes involved in moving to a new home or selling a new home. This includes:

  • Identity checks
  • Fittings and contents form
  • Preparing a draft contract with the title deeds and other Land Registry documents as supporting documents
  • Communicating with the buyer’s conveyancer and discussing any enquiries or changes that need to be made on the draft contract
  • Formally exchanging the contracts between buyer and seller
  • Transfer deed

How does the 174 Law conveyancing service benefit you?

If we had to describe our conveyancing service in one word it would be ‘smooth.’ We always endeavour to make the process quick, stress-free and easy so you can focus on the move itself!

We’re big on communication here at 174 Law – that’s why you’ll be updated every step of the way throughout the conveyancing process. You’ll always be in the know and our specialist team is always on hand to answer your questions.

Using a local solicitor for your conveyancing needs gives you that personal touch. You can easily drop by for a face to face appointment and we can give some expert advice thanks to our knowledge of the area.

What services does 174 Law offer?

We really enjoy contact with our clients and we always strive to keep fees as fair as possible, while providing exceptional value for the quality of service we provide. Our conveyancing service covers all major aspects of the process for both buyers and sellers. We take the stress and hassle out of the hardest part of moving house, so you can concentrate on packing and other priorities!

What does it cost?

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This can depend on a number of factors such as how long the chain is and whether there are any complex matters to take into account. But generally, we would estimate the conveyancing process to take around 6 – 12 weeks to fully complete.

Typically, conveyancing can be split into three distinct stages including pre-contract, exchange of contracts and, the final stage, completion

The buyer puts in an offer for the property and, once accepted by the seller, the buyer’s conveyancer is informed. A survey on the property is then carried out and a mortgage application is made. This is confirmed by the conveyancer through a document detailing the fixed fee costs and terms, then the buyer’s conveyancer gets in touch with the seller’s conveyancer and gets a ‘contract pack.’ After the contract pack is checked over by the buyer’s conveyancer, any pre-contract queries are raised and the buyer sends their conveyancer a copy of the mortgage offer. This is now the buyer’s chance to ask their conveyancer any questions regarding the pre-contract. Once everyone is happy, the deposit is paid to the conveyancer and contacts are officially exchanged.

The conveyancer will then create a ‘draft transfer deed’ and completion information form, sending it to the seller’s conveyancer. One approved, these documents are transformed into a ‘final copy’ and both the seller and buyer sign it. The buyer’s conveyancer creates a completion statement and conducts pre-completion searches, then applies for to the mortgage lender. Once everything is approved, the buyer moves out of his / her home and the conveyancer sends the sale funds to the seller. The are sent to the buyer and the title deeds and transfer deeds are sent to the buyer’s conveyancer, along with proof that the seller has paid the remaining mortgage amount. The conveyancer sends along the stamp duty fee to HMRC and registers the buyer’s name at The Land Registry.

The conveyancing process for the seller is very similar, except any remaining money from the sale is sent to the seller’s bank account on the day of completion.


What does it cost?

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