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A dispute, whatever it is based on, is an area of law that demands the art of persuasion. We bring you the will to win, so we can achieve the outcome that works best for you.

At 174 Law our client’s objectives are second to none – we never lose sight in what you want and need from the dispute, all while remaining transparent and open with costs.

Here are a few of the dispute resolution services we provide:

General litigation

We know most people hear the word ‘litigation’ and immediately thinking of expensive lawyers. Although litigation can be costly, it doesn’t have to be if you have the right solicitor. You can save so much time and money with 174 Law because we’re intent on giving you the right advice, guidance and assistance so you don’t have to go court But if you do, we also specialise in court representation where we will fight your case to the end.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Keeping up with property maintenance and ensuring all tenants are happy – being a landlord can be stressful enough as it is. But it can be especially taxing if you have a nightmare tenant. We’ve helped hundreds of landlords recover their property and rent arrears, cutting out a lot of damage to their finances and getting to a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Employment Disputes

Careers don’t always run smoothly. If you have any employment disputes, such as negotiating your contract or a discrimination case, Unfair dismissal or redundancy, we can provide practical advice to help you make the best out of a stressful or potentially upsetting situation. Our team will advise you on your rights as an employee and the various options available to you.

Debt collection

Similarly, if you’re owed money by a business or an individual, we have numerous options for you to explore, as well as an idea of what it might cost. Our debt collection solicitor service has a high success rate because we’re not a company that offers a short-term quick-fix solution. We’re very big on research and our specialist team will make sure that all legal bases are covered – so you’re far more likely to get your money back.

Compensation claims

There are a lot of claims management companies and personal injury solicitors around at the moment, but a lot of them don’t have the right legal knowledge for your claim. Fortunately, we have years of experience in compensation claims and the ability to determine the success of your claim from the outset – saving you so much time, money and hassle.

Criminal injury claims

Criminal injury claims are for those of you who have suffered injuries as a result of being a victim of a crime of violence. But remember, don’t delay in reporting the incident as your compensation could be refused. Our team have the know-how to set you on the right rack for a successful claim.

Contentious probate

If you’ve experienced a death in the family, you may encounter some conflict with the will. Maybe the deceased didn’t mention you in the will or perhaps a relative is preventing the sale of the house. You may benefit from impartial advice from our experienced family law team.

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Get in touch with 174 Law today on 0151 647 7372 to discuss your dispute with us and see how we can help you resolve it.

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