Pronunciation:/ dɪ’spju’t [verb]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • argue about (something):the point has been much disputed
  • question whether (a statement or alleged fact) is true or valid
  • compete for; strive to win

174 Law definition: /

An area of law demanding the art of persuasion; and as occasion demands a single minded focus in achieving successful solutions. The will to win must at all times be applied with the clients objectives in mind and never lose sight of the need for cost effective resolution of disputes.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes
We concentrate on assisting Landlords with recovering property at the expiry of the tenancy or where the tenant has not paid the rent or is in arrears. You may own or have inherited a property which you let to supplement your income.

Having a tenant living in the property who is not paying can be frustrating and damaging to your pocket. Ensuring that you use the right procedures at the right time to recover the property (and any rent arrears) is vital. Getting the procedures wrong can cause further delay and expense. Contact us for the right advice at the right time.

General litigation
Litigation can be expensive. Legal Aid is gradually being eroded and availability severely restricted. It is therefore important to have the right advice and to know what your choices are. If you have a dispute whether it be with a builder, neighbour or an organisation we can give you the right advice, guidance, assistance and (when necessary) court representation.

Debt Collection

If you are owed money and are having difficulty recovering what is due to you contact us here at 174 Law. There are often several solutions to recovering an outstanding debt. It need not be expensive. We will provide you with a full explanation of your options and what it might cost.

Compensation Claims and Criminal Injuries Claims
There are lots of solicitors and claims management companies offering to help you with injury claims. We are not “ambulance chasers”. We do not pay referral fees to claims management companies. We are not necessarily the cheapest.

What we offer is many years of experience, the ability to determine if your claim is likely to succeed and a prompt and efficient service. We have dealt with catastrophic injuries where client have recovered substantial sums. These sorts of cases require careful handling and much experience.

Criminal injuries compensation is available if you have suffered injures as a result of being the victim of a crime of violence. There are important qualifying criteria to be eligible for the Criminal Injuries scheme. They include making a prompt and preferably immediate report to the Police if you have been a victim Delay in reporting can often result in an application for compensation being refused.

Contentious Probate

A death in the family can be a source of conflict. Perhaps the deceased failed to make provision in the Will for dependant relatives. Maybe a family member is occupying the deceased’s home and preventing it being sold. Are the Executors taking too long to administer the estate? Was the deceased so ill when the Will was made that he or she did not realise what they were doing?

These are just a few examples that lead to advice being required. Its important to act quickly and to obtain clear and practical advice.

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