Employment Advise

Employment Advice

Pronunciation: / m’ploy’m(e)nt / noun

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • the state of having paid work
  • a person’s trade or profession
  • a persons livelihood
  • the utilization of something or someone/li>

174 Law definition: /

An area of law demanding attention to fine detail and the ability to work effectively within the strict time constraints imposed by Industrial Tribunal procedures.

Key to effective delivery is the ability to communicate and forge an early effective working relationship with the client to identify any Employer default capable of challenge.

How does the 174 Employment Issues service benefit you:

  • Have you been dismissed unfairly?
  • Have you been made redundant?
  • Are you tied to your current employer by a “restrictive covenant” in your current job?
  • Have you been offered a Compromise Agreement?

We can help you with all these areas, and more. Getting the right advice at the right time and making the right choice is vital. Contact our employment team to find out more.

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