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Child inclusive mediation services from 174 Law

Child inclusive mediation, is where your child is offered the opportunity to have their voice heard during the mediation meeting itself. It’s more common than you think for parents to genuinely believe their children are coping well with their parents’ separation when in fact the child may be hiding their true feelings. This may be because they don’t want to worry you and add more stress to your life – or simply because they don’t know how to express themselves properly.

Child inclusive mediation not only helps families come to an agreement without court intervention, it’s also a fantastic way for the child to process their emotions and feelings in the presence of a highly qualified professional.

What will the mediator ask my child?

If both parents have given their consent for the child to attend a mediation meeting, our mediators will talk to your child to find out what is going on in their lives and what sort of arrangements the parents have in place at the moment. Some of the things they may ask your child could include:

  • What they like about each parent
  • What they don’t like about each parent
  • How they envisage the arrangements with their parents.
  • If there’s anything they want to tell their parents through the mediator
  • If there’s anything they don’t want to pass on to their parents

It’s worth noting that a child doesn’t want  their comments being relayed back to parents then the parents have to respect this and sign up to this in advance of any meet.

Mediation helps both parties agree on important childcare details such as where they will live, when and how much time they will spend with each parent and what type of contact will take place.

Advantages of child inclusive mediation

Child inclusive mediation can be a lot less stressful, overwhelming and damaging for the child than making an appearance in court. All our mediators are highly trained professionals and all information is treated with absolute respect and empathy.

Child inclusive mediation is a safe and neutral space for the child. We believe child inclusive mediation can be extremely beneficial for children as it truly gives the mediator a feel of what the child really wants, as opposed to what they think their parents want to hear. Each child is profoundly different – the needs of one may almost be the opposite of the needs of another. Mediators are very experienced in dealing with children and the meeting can actually contribute to a very successful long-term parenting plan.

How can 174 Law help?

All our mediators are trained to help both parents and children simultaneously. We offer a high quality mediation service covering a range of issues such as childcare, divorce, finances, cohabitation and much more.

We believe that if a child’s voice is heard during mediation it is a clear the parents want what’s best for their child. It’s also important to remember that childcare decisions are made solely by the parents – the children simply add their say into the mix. Our mediation team has a combined experience of 40 years, with specialism in child inclusive mediation.

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