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Family Mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes without having to take them to court. However not all people are able to either physically, mentally or emotionally  come together to the mediation table and perhaps feel mediation is not an option for them.

174 Law  provides an online mediation service which offers the benefits of mediation to those clients whilst overcoming the obstacles to the traditional concept of face to face mediation.

What is online mediation?

Online mediation differs from usual mediation, quite simply, as it is done online. The mediator acts completely neutral, and refrains from judgement, suggesting possible outcomes and solutions.  This can be conducted through a range of video conferencing to suit such as facetime, skype or google hangout, which can save time and costs for both parties.

A MIAM (mediation information assessment meeting) is always conducted at the beginning of any mediation process, and this is no different for online mediation.  A third-party mediator begins by contacting both parties and identifying issues that need resolving. If it seems that mediation is the way forward, and both parties agree, the process will go ahead. If, however, mediation does not seem to be the appropriate method for the parties involved, the mediator may suggest taking the dispute to court. However, there are many benefits to using mediation as opposed to going to court.

Online Mediation also offers greater flexibility in terms of appointments and unlike many other mediation services , 174 Law mediation can offer out of hours/ evening and Saturday appointments to accommodate your needs.

Once mediation has been successfully completed, a document will be drawn up detailing the outcomes and agreed solutions. This document is not legally-binding but acts as guidance for both parties to move forward.

What can I use online mediation for?

  • International disputes
  • Disputes that do not have a high enough value to justify the costs of a physical meeting
  • Matrimonial or family disputes which may cause aggravation
  • Financial disputes
  • Disagreements whereby one party has a disability which refrains them from attending a physical meeting

Advantages of online mediation

This type of mediation is useful for disputes in which the two parties are too far away to meet in person. Perhaps one of the parties is too busy to leave their office, or it is simply too costly to travel for the mediation. It is also better for the environment; if your company is working on its carbon footprint, you may want to consider online mediation as a more eco-friendly alternative. The only requirement for online mediation is a computer and the internet. The lack of a physical meeting may benefit highly exacerbated disputes or situations whereby a party has a disability which stops them from travelling to a meeting. Online mediation is much more efficient, as parties do not even need to leave their office or home to begin resolving issues. It’s also much more flexible than the traditional approach.

Why choose 174 Law?

Here at 174 Law, we specialise in mediation, with over 40 years combined experience.

Our online mediation service is designed with you in mind, and aims to support each party’s individual needs from the comfort of your home or office. We treat online mediation with the same respect as traditional mediation, and always remain completely impartial.

We understand that life can get very hectic and be full of unexpected events. We also recognise the importance of feeling as comfortable as possible when making important decisions to resolve disputes. This is why we offer this invaluable service to our clients. If you think online mediation could be for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact our specialists today on 0151 647 7372 or email for more information on how we can help.