Family Mediation

Pronunciation: /mead.e.ation/noun[mass noun]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it;
  • intervention in a process or relationship; intercession: to work with both sides in a dispute in an attempt to help them to reach an agreement

174 Law definition: /

An opportunity for parties faced with a family dispute to seek solutions in a way that is cost and time effective whilst retaining dignity and control of the outcome.

Resolutions facilitated by a Lawyer Mediator skilled in breaking down emotional barriers and the legal hurdles that can obstruct a fair conclusion.

How does the 174 Family Mediation service benefit you:

For most mediation is a new form of dispute resolution. For 174 Law however we have been specialising in mediation with a team having over 30 years combined experience. We are also family solicitors. This knowledge and experience helps to demystify the confusion and uncertainty that arises when family disputes occur whether this be a couple seeking a financial settlement on divorce , cohabitees seeking to realise or quantify their interest in property or parents wishing to agree arrangements in relation to their children.

Mediation is rapidly becoming the preferred process for resolving any form of family dispute. It is more cost effective and time effective. Our highly skilled mediators act as a facilitator. We will guide you through that legal maze providing you with all the tools and information you need to help break down those legal and emotional barriers helping you to find creative solutions and retain control of the outcome which is tailored to your own personal circumstances. Who else is better qualified to make decisions about your future than yourself.

The mediator will manage your conflict and support both of you through the whole process. We don’t take sides, or make judgements. We remain impartial, respectful and understanding of a process which can be emotionally painful and difficult. We help parents to focus objectively upon the needs of their children and were appropriate can meet with children to allow them to have an opportunity to have a voice and be heard.

Mediation is not necessarily for everyone. It is for anyone who is committed to finding a resolution of disputes through talking and working through different options in order to find a way forward. We can meet with you both separately to discuss the appropriateness of mediation before you decide to commit to the process. This is often referred to as a MIAMS (mediation information assessment) meeting. If it is felt mediation is not appropriate then this meet will result in a certificate being issued which will enable the traditional legal process to be pursued. Mediation will always therefore bring you one step closer to a conclusion

The outcome of mediation is not legally binding. However We will draw up a document recording the outcome of the mediation process. This can be taken to a lawyer who will advise you as to the best way to formalise the terms reached so that they are binding upon you. However, your solicitor will need to do very little thus maintaining your costs to a minimal.

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