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Helping you to help your children

Children are at the heart of every Family

We at 174 Law appreciate family separation or Divorce cannot be dealt with in the vacuum of the law. We have practiced Family law for a very long time to know this. Whilst the law will provide an outcome it may not necessarily be the best solution for the new reconstructed family. That is why the new Children’s Arrangement Programme encourages parents to try and resolve matters between themselves as opposed to rushing to the door of the court by making a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting compulsory pre proceedings.

Almost 1 in 2 children now live with separated families. The statistics for children who live in two separate households does not make good reading. We want to give you every opportunity to make the right decisions for your children. This is not always easy when there is a lot of hurt and emotion attached to your family situation.

To help we have provided you with a number of services that can either help you work with your child directly or for your child to access useful information themselves.

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Voices in the middle

A place for young people in separating families to tell their story and listen to others who have been there. It is a website made by children for children with consultation with many child focused agencies. We have been at the heart of this charity and evolved with it. Children are our future. Voices in the middle can give your child a safe place to learn more about what their family is going through, normalise the feelings they are having and an opportunity for online mentoring.  Read more about Voices In The Middle

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Let your child have their say

The recent Voice of the child report (commissioned by voice of the child dispute Resolution Group ) can be found here click here to view the document

Recommends every child over the age of 10 should have the right to have their voice heard when their parents separate and have a say. So how can you offer this to your child?

Our Family Mediation team can offer you Child Inclusive Mediation. This is were your child can meet with a mediator specially trained to help children talk about their own family situation, what they want and to work with the family to get arrangements that will work for everyone. The mediator can also relay messages back to parents which can help overcome what could otherwise be sticking points. It is our experience children always have something to say which helps and children feel they have had a say in the future of their new family arrangements.

Self help Tools for you and your children.
We have linked up with a number of organisations to offer you independent help, guidance and information to help you help your children through your separation. You will find a number of blogs with advice on what to tell you children depending upon their age and what your children don’t want together with top tips and advice from our parenting expert Sue Atkins.

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