Property Conveyancing

Pronunciation: /con.vey.yancing/noun [mass noun]

Oxford Dictionary definition: /

  • the branch of law concerned with the preparation of documents for the conveyance of property.
  • the action of preparing documents for the conveyance of property.

174 Law definition: /

At its best (undertaken by a skilled Practitioner) the technique of successful property dealing whilst preserving a client’s financial and mental well being!

At it’s a worst, a nightmare!!

How does the 174 Conveyancing service benefit you:

By keeping people informed, a key strength of 174 Law – we are good communicators

We are good at what we do, which makes us confident and approachable in our dealings with people. We enjoy providing a conveyancing service to clients.  We like people and we enjoy contact with our clients.

We reflect the low expense base of our office in the fees we charge which represent exceptional value for the quality of service we provide.

At 174 Law we relate to people, we understand the anxieties that are often central to moving property.  Our function is to deliver the clients objectives minimising the anxiety within the financial budgets determined by the client minimising the stress often identified with the exercise of moving home.

Apart from effective communications with the client it is equally important to communicate and engage effectively with other professionals involved in a conveyancing chain.  We enjoy good relationships with other conveyancing professionals we command their respect having built a very good local reputation for our skills and our ability to deliver results.

At 174 Law we are often see as the instrument of choice for the more discerning client faced with a complex and challenging property transaction.

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