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Supporting Voices in the Middle

174 Law is an avid supporter of the charity Voices in the Middle. And our very own Helen Pittard being a Trustee of the holding charity ‘The Family Initiative’. Currently, Voices in the Middle is raising funds to build a new digital service. This service aims to support young people in the middle of divorce and separation. The charity is looking to launch its new service this June. As it stands, this is under construction and scheduled to be delivered on time. This support could not be more needed. Shockingly, statistics show that nearly ½ of our children are living in separated households. The research regarding the impact of parental conflict on children is also worrying. So, of course, we’re thrilled to be supporting such an important cause.

Fundraising on 7th April

Voices in the Middle have teamed up with Fun 4 Young People and the Bedfordshire Police Cadets to put on a fantastic fundraiser this weekend. Those involved will canoe and kayak 15 miles (over 7 hours) on 7th April, raising funds for Voices in the Middle. The money raised will contribute to building the charity’s new digital service – this will be able to reach 120,000 young people each year with help and support!

Our young people wrote: “1 in 3 children will see their parents split up before their 16th birthday As young people ourselves, we feel inspired to make a difference in such a relevant and important situation as divorce, as so many young people are facing it alone today. Please support us and Voices in the Middle by clicking this link here.” – Alice, Arafat, Erin and Gemma (Young People’s Steering Group of Voices in the Middle)

A worrying survey

To put things into context, Young Minds UK recently carried out a survey. They asked young people if they thought there was enough mental health support for them. This was meant in any scenario, not just in relation to family conflict. Their answer was emphatic. Of the 2,700 young people surveyed – who had struggled with their mental health- a resounding 81% felt there wasn’t enough support around them. This is a very worrying statistic for our future generation.

Our contribution

174 Law has sponsored a kayak and we’re hoping our boat is first across the line! However, putting our competitive streak aside, we are hoping this event is the start of numerous efforts to raise awareness. 174 Law not only want to assist by financially contributing or helping with fundraising but more importantly, we want to help raise the profile of this amazing and much-needed charity. In particular, we need to raise awareness of the support that this digital service can provide. If you haven’t personally experienced a child going through a family separation, then chances are you know someone that has. If you too wish to help to contribute to this digital support please donate anything you can via the Just Giving page.